Home Hosting Queenstown is pleased to provide the opportunity for you or your clients to enjoy the very best of Southern hospitality at home with one of our carefully selected hosts in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Home Hosted Lunches and Dinners

Queenstown, New ZealandFor many of our customers, their home hosting experience is the highlight of their holiday.


Home Hosting Queenstown is a small, specialist company with many years experience in making the home hosting experience a memorable one for your clients.

Home Hosted Lunches and Dinners
"It's the 21 century and we all live in a global village. Queenstown is just part of the village. So it's always nice to share an evening with neighbours from the other side of the world, share some common views and experiences and some uncommon experiences. It's always stimulating and there's many a laugh. Hopefully, everyone parts much richer for the experience, I know we do."